Introduction To Kitchen Furniture Set Three-piece Set To You

Kitchen three-piece sets are essential in kitchen furniture, and choosing the best kitchen furniture is what every consumer likes. Kitchen three-piece set is a necessary kitchen furniture in people’s lives, it is an essential item in every home kitchen, its purchase is very important.
The following small editor to give you a specific point about the kitchen three-piece set related knowledge, including the kitchen three-piece set is what

I. What is a three-piece set in the kitchen

Kitchen three-piece sets refer to the smoke machine, gas stove and disinfection cabinet.

1, smoke machine

The hood can be divided into: Chinese-type deep cavity machine, European flat-panel, near-suction machine, side suction machine, according to the cleaning method can be divided into: no-removal and washing, automatic cleaning type.

Introduction To Kitchen Furniture Set Three-piece Set To You

2, gas stove

Gas stove can be divided into: glass stove, stainless steel stove, enamel stove, ceramic stove, according to the combustion method can be divided into: straight fire combustion and rotating fire combustion, according to the wind can be divided into: downwind, inlet wind and full-in wind.

3, disinfection cabinet

Disinfecting cabinetaccordingical according to the installation method, can be divided into: table (vertical), wall-mounted, embedded.
Home disinfection cabinet disinfection methods are: physical disinfection, chemical disinfection and ozone disinfection three.

II. Which brand is good in the kitchen three-piece set

1, Sentai

Sentai kitchen three-piece set is very affordable, including a hood, gas stove and side smoking stove, a one-time for the owner to solve the purchase trouble.It is exquisite and delicate, at all costs, in the details of the treatment of more careful, and the use of a variety of high-quality materials and emerging technologies, to protect the majority of consumers of kitchen safety and hygiene.

2, Siemens

The Siemens kitchen three-piece set is a combination of kitchen utensils, ready for a single purchase, to create a refined and stylish open kitchen.It will be several products strong combination, to create a smart simple kitchen, can open up the vast number of consumers high-quality kitchen life.

3, Huadi

The three-piece set of Huadi Kitchen is designed in a minimalist style, which uses r-filled design to interpret the kitchen aesthetics and prevent bumps, while the stainless steel body is durable and reflects the atmosphere.This brand in the industry is highly well-known, the quality of its products are guaranteed.

III. How much is the kitchen three-piece set? The price of the best kitchen furniture is not fixed, just like the price of a three-piece set of kitchens, depending on the owner’s choice of product style and grade. Chinese-style kitchen three-piece set: high grade about 10000 yuan, medium grade about 5000 yuan, ordinary grade about 3000 yuan. European-style kitchen three-piece set: high grade about 15,000 yuan, medium grade about 10,000 yuan, ordinary grade about 6000 yuan. Of course, the price of the kitchen three-piece set depends on the owner’s choice of brand.
Typically, the price of a three-piece set of ordinary brand kitchens is around 6000 yuan. The above is to introduce you how to buy the best kitchen furniture, kitchen furniture set of three-piece set brand and price introduction.