How Should The Kitchen Ceiling Be Installed In The Kitchen Furniture Set?

In the home decoration for the kitchen decoration is very important, need to buy kitchen furniture set, because of the special reasons for the kitchen so we generally choose the best kitchen furniture, kitchen ceiling as kitchen furniture is very common furniture, but some people think the kitchen does not need ceiling, then the kitchen installation ceiling?
How to install the kitchen ceiling? And decoration house small editor to understand about the kitchen installation ceiling and kitchen ceiling how to install the relevant content.

How Should The Kitchen Ceiling Be Installed In The Kitchen Furniture Set?

First, the kitchen installation ceiling? Is the kitchen ceiling installed?

Installation of kitchen ceiling not only can beautify the kitchen environment, but also can create a colorful kitchen space, but some people think that the kitchen can not hang the ceiling, as long as the brush wall paint on it. But in fact, kitchen ceilings are essential. Because the kitchen smoke is very large, sometimes the suction force of the smoking machine is not big enough, the smoke will drift up, if the paint time is very difficult to clean.But the ceiling is not the same, the ceiling after the oil smoke good cleaning, cleaning up we are also very convenient.

Second, how to install the kitchen ceiling

1, kitchen ceiling as a kitchen facilities should be how to install it? Install the pipe before you add the ceiling. According to the correct aluminum buckle board ceiling order installation can reduce vibration, the bathroom is the correct installation order for, first install bath bar, exhaust fan, and then do aluminum buckle plate ceiling. Remember not to install the exhaust fan or bath bar directly on the aluminum buckle plate, using expansion bolts to hang directly on the top, if the exhaust hose of the exhaust fan is longer (more than 1 meter), let the worker fix it to the top, otherwise, the exhaust pipe will vibrate when the exhaust fan is turned on.

And the kitchen aluminum buckle board ceiling installation needs to first the oil smoke machine hose and flue fixed, the other end to choose a good smoke pump needs to install the location, and then aluminum buckle board ceiling, do not install large lamps directly on the ceiling.

2, buckle plate needs to be tight seamless between the corner: the installation of keel should be based on the aluminum buckle plate to measure the design direction of the construction drawing to determine the direction of the keel, after determining good, on the roof marked the keel distance line and punch point, hammer punchhole, punch depth should not exceed 4 cm, to prevent the damage of the wall pre-buried wire pipe. When the punch is ready, the matching internal expansion is required to be incorporated into the hole. According to the height of the corner, the galvanized copper wire saw edgy, into the inner swelling, according to the length of the room to cut the keel, with a nut to fix the keel on the copper wire.

In the laying of aluminum buckle plate also need to be in accordance with the measurement of the construction drawings, the buckle plate, color in sequence, row plate, buckle plate should be strict between the corners of seamless, and to mark the control line holes.

How Should The Kitchen Ceiling Be Installed In The Kitchen Furniture Set?

3, art set manhole convenient maintenance: many people in the home decoration kitchen and bathroom ceiling usually do not set the manhole, feel the impact of aesthetics, but when the ceiling pipeline equipment failure can not check to determine what part, what reason, more can not be repaired, so for laying the pipeline ceiling is set manhole for good,

Can be installed in more hidden and easy to check the site, can also be used for the art of manholes, such as with lamps or decorative materials combined with the setting.

The above is a small editor to introduce the best kitchen furniture, about the kitchen installation ceiling and kitchen ceiling how to install the content here, I hope that after reading this article, we can understand this.

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