Kitchen Furniture – How To Buy A Natural Gas Stove?

Kitchen furniture demand is growing, people are very focused on the quality of kitchen furniture, so we will choose the best kitchen furniture, such furniture can be durable and safe. Natural gas stove shopping at home is now basically the use of gas, it is inseparable from the use of natural gas stove, good stove, in use of better results, even fire, long life.
For the price of natural gas stove has always been people’s concern, want a good stove also have to learn to choose the best kitchen furniture.

Kitchen Furniture - How To Buy A Natural Gas Stove?

I. Gas stove price list

There are many natural gas stove brands on the market, different brands are selling different prices, even if the same brand, model is not good, the price is also affected.Let’s look at the gas stove price list:

1, Supor QB503 gas stove, reference quote: 499 yuan or so Gas stove is equipped with hot spot even fire protection, to ensure that the gas will not leak, the fire is strong enough, and the frying is more powerful, small fire is stable enough, soup is more fragrant. With three-stop firepower, easy-to-control, thermal efficiency of 63%, up to 1 level of energy efficiency.Black crystal explosion-proof panels, combined with tempered glass, make cleaning easier and safer to use.

2, Fangtai HT8BE gas stove, reference quote: 1499 yuan or so No continuous pressing is required to ignite quickly. Adjustment is more convenient, multi-stage firepower, free choice, from micro-candle fire to blazing flame, precise control of all kinds of firepower, cooking is also all-inclusive.The use of high-silicon aluminum alloy integrated furnace design, stylish tempered glass panels, make cleaning easier.

3, boss 30B3 gas stove, reference quote: 1299 yuan or so The new concentrated fire system solves the problem of insufficient fire power and easy dispersion of fire in the old fire. The thermal effect of the central ring, the central ring added dense fire holes, concentrated inclination design, to fill the thermal vacuum area.
Formed a strong four-ring fire, with the outer ring and the center flame integrated, all-inclusive wrapped pot bottom.

Kitchen Furniture - How To Buy A Natural Gas Stove?

II. How to choose natural gas stove
1, look at the gas source At present, gas is roughly divided into three major categories: liquefied petroleum gas (Y), artificial gas (R) and natural gas (T), and if the type of stove does not match the gas, it is easy to be dangerous.It is recommended that before selecting the stove, it is certain that the type of gas must be clearly identified.

2, look at the ignition mode Now the gas stove uses electronic pulse ignition and piezoelectric ceramic ignition two kinds.Electric gas stove pulse ignition we see more, is the general gas stove on the ignition, twist to a certain location on the ignition, simple and convenient, but this way needs to replace the battery.Piezoceramic ignition is a new technology, its advantage is that it does not need to replace the battery.

3, look at the firepower
In flame regulation, some of the gas stoves provide five-stage fire regulation, from small fire to medium fire to fire, we can clearly feel the increase in fire, in cooking, can also be adjusted according to the needs of cooking fire, very convenient to use.

Gas stove installation

1, first install the gas pipe, pay attention to the installation of gas pipe before, we need to put the stove into the stove open in advance well.

2, the intake air port of the stove clean, and then the hose joint into the stove joint and beyond the red line position, but also with the tube clip or pipe hoop clamping the hose.

3, check whether there is a battery in the battery box, inside need to install the no. 1 battery. Basically to this point even if the installation is complete, the next step is to start turning on the knob to test for fire. You can also see if the color of the flame is light blue, if the color of the flame is yellow, or red, also need to be debugged on the gas stove.Natural gas stove is essential for kitchen furniture, his presence in the kitchen is meaningful, in the purchase of it, there is a great demand for safety, so it is important to choose the best kitchen furniture set.

4, debug the gas stove, so that its flame presents a normal color.
Installation precautions: Installation of pipelinemust must find professional technical workers, do not mind the cost in this regard, this step is critical, can not be saved.Don’t save money now, causing future pipeline cracks or leaks, such a price is tens of times, hundreds, or even thousands of times the price of the pipeline itself. Be sure to perform a boost test after the pipe is installed.
When the boost test is carried out, it is usually carried out under 1.5 times water pressure, if the test does not leak even if it is qualified.

The above is to introduce to you the best kitchen furniture related knowledge, want to know more kitchen furniture set, can continue to pay attention to me , I hope to bring you the content you can like.