What Are The Kitchen Decoration Sequences And Details?

When decorating the house, we must pay attention to the order and details of the kitchen decoration. Only by grasping the order and details of the decoration and choosing the best kitchen furniture, can we achieve a good decoration effect during the decoration. If you want to know how to decorate a good kitchen, you need to know the precautions and details of the kitchen decoration in advance. How do you choose a kitchen furniture set to decorate? Interested friends please follow the small kitchen finishing order and details to see it!

What Are The Kitchen Decoration Sequences And Details?

First, the kitchen decoration sequence and details

1.The basic project should be laid. In the process of kitchen basic engineering renovation, it is necessary to grasp the overall situation of the kitchen, including hydropower renovation and wall renovation. When you tiling a wall and tiling the floor, you need to choose a special material, which requires you to choose a decoration company with better service. In the key and key points of the kitchen decoration sequence, the basic engineering works well, which is the premise and method for transforming the quality of the renovation in the kitchen.

2.The main construction should be prominent and practical, and the kitchen furniture should be considered in addition to practical and beautiful. In the process of kitchen renovation, the main structure of the kitchen space must also be considered for quality assurance. Because the structure of the kitchen reflects the main structural parts of the kitchen decoration sequence and the overall design style. Highlighting practical standards is the core and key to ensuring the quality of decoration services. The main body of decoration services is the key to ensuring quality.

3.The layout of kitchen furniture should be reasonable. These are necessary. In the process of kitchen decoration service, the high-quality decoration service is highlighted, which is reasonable in the layout of the home appliance and the whole, so that the practical application of the kitchen can be ensured, and the decoration effect can be achieved. The kitchen decoration sequence is at the end of the stage, home appliances are placed, this is another key point.

What Are The Kitchen Decoration Sequences And Details?

Second, kitchen decoration matters needing attention

1.Remember to decorate the waterproof decorative material to help our kitchen dry. Please note that the kitchen is a damp and easily accumulating place, so the materials on the floor and work surface must be watertight and watertight. There is a waterproof decorative material on the market that is designed to sell relatively flat kitchens.

2.The most important thing to ignore is that the kitchen is laid out according to the living habits of the owner. This is also inevitable. For example, many housewives like to refuel and salt vinegar on the left side of the gas stove. Then, at the time of design, tell the designer the habit, so that the designer can design the layout according to the habits of the homeowner, so that the design and decoration are very satisfactory. It is important to pay attention to determine the position of the gas stove and the refrigerator. .

3.Can not ignore the choice of wall tiles, the choice of wall tiles should be easy to clean, so the decoration is very convenient for cleaning. Everyone knows that the smoke in the kitchen is very large, and there is often a fumes attached to the bricks during the cooking process. At this time, the housewife needs to be kept clean. So many bricks are not easy to clean, and the result is a lot of effort to clean them up.

The above is the sequence and details of the kitchen decoration that Xiaobian today introduces to everyone. I believe that after reading the introduction of Xiaobian, the friends have a certain understanding. If there are small partners who want to decorate, we must grasp the kitchen decoration. Order and details. I believe that the friends who read the small series will not make mistakes in the order and decoration notices.

What Is The Size Of The Restaurant Card Seat, What Are The Restaurant Decoration Tips?

Restaurant is now everywhere, need to buy a large number of restaurant furniture set, we all know the restaurant inside the seat bar, generally is a card seat, but at the time of purchase card seat in the size of how much, in fact, this is space to decide, want to know more deeply, small editor to get to know specifically, restaurant card size is how much?

What are the restaurant decoration tips? I hope the following article introduction will help you.

What Is The Size Of The Restaurant Card Seat, What Are The Restaurant Decoration Tips?

I. What is the size of the restaurant seat

1. Restaurant card size Western-style sofa seat size, the selected restaurant card sofa, usually a simple Western-style card sofa and European-style sofa, western simple sofa double room, three-person card sofa size of two styles of 1350 x 600 x 950 mm (length x width x height) 1900 x 600 950mm (L/W x Height). The European deck sofas are relatively luxurious in the style of the restaurant and are usually large.An 850 x 850 x 1150 mm (L x W x Height), double 1650 x 850 x 1150 mm (L x width x height), three 2100 x 850 x 1150 mm (length: separated 1800 mm backrest height, a certain size to reach the width of the width of the height).

2. Restaurant card size fast food card seat sofa size, as well as fast food restaurant card set the industry’s custom trend. Fast food restaurant seat more flexible, according to customer needs and in-store crowd design. Simple and practical style is not an ordinary card seat sofa. There is also a straight-sided basdet, usually placed on the wall for more people to eat. It is usually a small double normal size 1100 x 550 x 1,050 x 1,100 x 1,050 1,100 yes. KFC sofas are classic fast-food lounge rson sofas that are used by many chains.Straight Y x 550 x 1,050mm (SW s l s, H size y, KFC card seat sofa size: 1100mm x 600mm x 1050mm (length and width x height), two sides (four people) 1100mm x 1100mm x 1050mm (length x width).

What Is The Size Of The Restaurant Card Seat, What Are The Restaurant Decoration Tips?

II, what are the restaurant decoration tips?

1. When the restaurant is renovated, the restaurant is the most independent. The best restaurant furniture is required, but some large rooms are best booked in a separate dining area.
Can be combined with the living room, if of course limited space, however, it must be two split layouts (e.g. dining area is limited to land or smallpox treatment, i.e. the so-called “fuzzy double hole area is not clear (fuzzy double room) ” is the best.

2. When the restaurant is renovated, create a comfortable and relaxing space, and there is enough light in the dining area, but it makes you feel better when you eat. It is best not to exceed 2.4 meters wide. In addition to tables and dining chairs, there should be cutlery or wine cabinets.In the large restaurant, you can set up bars, teahouses, etc. to provide a romantic and comfortable space for your host.

3. When the restaurant is decorated, the restaurant should be simple and bright. And the last choice of materials in this area is an easy-to-clean product, and the style is simple, otherwise people will be frustrated not to use “inedible colors” and it’s a good idea to use warm and half-tone lighting to create a pleasant dining atmosphere.

For example, we recommend using a telescopic chandelier as the main lamp.

What to pay attention to in the decoration of the restaurant

1. Restaurant decoration attention, for this area layout, but we must consider the overall aesthetic and practical, and reasonable use of a variety of products. If you don’t think about how to get it during renovations it is of course passive.Don’t change it when designing.

2. Restaurant decoration attention when the matching seats, there is in fact, but most dining space is based on a more user-compliant combination of purchases, if purchased separately, it is best to buy as a set, because should consider the height between the two.If not, it can affect your diet and lead to adverse reactions to the stomach.

The above is to introduce to you restaurant furniture in the card seat in use, do not know how much size, and do not know what the restaurant decoration skills, the above article is about the restaurant card size is how much and what restaurant decoration skills.

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How Should The Kitchen Ceiling Be Installed In The Kitchen Furniture Set?

In the home decoration for the kitchen decoration is very important, need to buy kitchen furniture set, because of the special reasons for the kitchen so we generally choose the best kitchen furniture, kitchen ceiling as kitchen furniture is very common furniture, but some people think the kitchen does not need ceiling, then the kitchen installation ceiling?
How to install the kitchen ceiling? And decoration house small editor to understand about the kitchen installation ceiling and kitchen ceiling how to install the relevant content.

How Should The Kitchen Ceiling Be Installed In The Kitchen Furniture Set?

First, the kitchen installation ceiling? Is the kitchen ceiling installed?

Installation of kitchen ceiling not only can beautify the kitchen environment, but also can create a colorful kitchen space, but some people think that the kitchen can not hang the ceiling, as long as the brush wall paint on it. But in fact, kitchen ceilings are essential. Because the kitchen smoke is very large, sometimes the suction force of the smoking machine is not big enough, the smoke will drift up, if the paint time is very difficult to clean.But the ceiling is not the same, the ceiling after the oil smoke good cleaning, cleaning up we are also very convenient.

Second, how to install the kitchen ceiling

1, kitchen ceiling as a kitchen facilities should be how to install it? Install the pipe before you add the ceiling. According to the correct aluminum buckle board ceiling order installation can reduce vibration, the bathroom is the correct installation order for, first install bath bar, exhaust fan, and then do aluminum buckle plate ceiling. Remember not to install the exhaust fan or bath bar directly on the aluminum buckle plate, using expansion bolts to hang directly on the top, if the exhaust hose of the exhaust fan is longer (more than 1 meter), let the worker fix it to the top, otherwise, the exhaust pipe will vibrate when the exhaust fan is turned on.

And the kitchen aluminum buckle board ceiling installation needs to first the oil smoke machine hose and flue fixed, the other end to choose a good smoke pump needs to install the location, and then aluminum buckle board ceiling, do not install large lamps directly on the ceiling.

2, buckle plate needs to be tight seamless between the corner: the installation of keel should be based on the aluminum buckle plate to measure the design direction of the construction drawing to determine the direction of the keel, after determining good, on the roof marked the keel distance line and punch point, hammer punchhole, punch depth should not exceed 4 cm, to prevent the damage of the wall pre-buried wire pipe. When the punch is ready, the matching internal expansion is required to be incorporated into the hole. According to the height of the corner, the galvanized copper wire saw edgy, into the inner swelling, according to the length of the room to cut the keel, with a nut to fix the keel on the copper wire.

In the laying of aluminum buckle plate also need to be in accordance with the measurement of the construction drawings, the buckle plate, color in sequence, row plate, buckle plate should be strict between the corners of seamless, and to mark the control line holes.

How Should The Kitchen Ceiling Be Installed In The Kitchen Furniture Set?

3, art set manhole convenient maintenance: many people in the home decoration kitchen and bathroom ceiling usually do not set the manhole, feel the impact of aesthetics, but when the ceiling pipeline equipment failure can not check to determine what part, what reason, more can not be repaired, so for laying the pipeline ceiling is set manhole for good,

Can be installed in more hidden and easy to check the site, can also be used for the art of manholes, such as with lamps or decorative materials combined with the setting.

The above is a small editor to introduce the best kitchen furniture, about the kitchen installation ceiling and kitchen ceiling how to install the content here, I hope that after reading this article, we can understand this.

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What Are The Tips For Mixing Cabinet Countertops In Kitchen Furniture?

Choose the best kitchen furniture to reasonably layout the kitchen, you can choose different styles of cabinet countertops to match the kitchen.
Kitchen decoration is also very important, good kitchen decoration can give the kitchen a beautiful visual. Cabinet countertopas as kitchen furniture used frequently, cabinet countertops to choose what color is a lot of people more concerned about. Quartz table tophast has many advantages, color is also very rich, so it has become the first choice for many people to decorate.
So what color is the quartz stone countertop?

I. What color is good on the quartz stone countertop

Table color variety, may sometimes be eye-catching, but when choosing as much as possible and cabinet color ratio, do with coordination, not mess, destroy the whole kitchen coordination and considerable.
Quartz stone is also deep, if you want to easily choose, it is recommended that the table to choose light color, so that the cabinet whether the choice of dark or light series can be paired with the countertop, if the table selection of dark color quartz stone, choose the cabinet door when there are limitations, because also to see the room lighting rate, all aspects of the factors.

What Are The Tips For Mixing Cabinet Countertops In Kitchen Furniture?

II. What color is commonly used on cabinet countertops

North-facing kitchens can use warm colors to improve room temperature, southeast rooms with plenty of sunshine, it is advisable to use cold colors to achieve a cool and cool effect. Clever use of color characteristics, you can create the space’s height and depth for visual adjustment. The kitchen space is too high and can be handled with a heavy dark color to make it look less tall, and a room that is too small, with bright colors, makes it spacious and comfortable.

The light-mining kitchen can be decorated in cold tones to avoid getting hotter in the summer sun.

III. Color matching of countertops and cabinets The kitchen countertops are suitable for white-based. White, representing purity, calm, into the kitchen, release all bad emotions, more conducive to appetite promotion.

In particular, the kitchen cabinet countertops in white or bright color is good. If the countertopand cabinet color match good, in the purchase of kitchen furniture set to go with it is also very easy.

1, white

Pure, spotless colors. White-based table tops present a simple, elegant, clean feeling, for people who like clean, quiet, is undoubtedly the best choice. White and black this contrasting color, will create a simple calm effect, there is nothing to disturb the mind of the place.White with any color will produce an unexpected feeling

2, pale yellow

China has been honored with yellow since ancient times, it is a symbol of identity. Pale yellow can be combined with a variety of colors to produce satisfactory results, such as the previous mentioned blue, green, red and so on.Bright apricot yellow will create a youthful mood.

3, red

Enthusiasm, full of festive colors. Young newlyweds use red is the most appropriate, not only can reflect the master’s strong, bold personality, but also to show the vitality of the youth, showing the luxury.It was also tested that red can peak appetite.

4, green

Relaxed, pleasing colors. Green is a theme that can never be used, never boring, because every change is corresponding to the impression of nature to mankind, so green is suitable for all who like it.From light green to gray-green, and then dark purple, complete the outdoor to indoor transition, corresponding to the human’s visual natural response to space.

What Are The Tips For Mixing Cabinet Countertops In Kitchen Furniture?

5, silver gray

The popularity of silver ash is the product of modern civilized cities, efficiency, health, positive, enthusiasm into it;

6, wood color

Return to the true pastoral color. Placed in the simple wood, dotted with idyllic flowers and flowers, coupled with a simple design, so that the rural atmosphere full of family space. Elderly couples and people of stable character can be used as the cabinet color first.
The simple support of the wood with light blue and ink-green, more prominent warm feelings.

The above is the small editor to introduce the kitchen furniture in the cabinet and countertop matching tips, I hope you like.

Introduction To Kitchen Furniture Set Three-piece Set To You

Kitchen three-piece sets are essential in kitchen furniture, and choosing the best kitchen furniture is what every consumer likes. Kitchen three-piece set is a necessary kitchen furniture in people’s lives, it is an essential item in every home kitchen, its purchase is very important.
The following small editor to give you a specific point about the kitchen three-piece set related knowledge, including the kitchen three-piece set is what

I. What is a three-piece set in the kitchen

Kitchen three-piece sets refer to the smoke machine, gas stove and disinfection cabinet.

1, smoke machine

The hood can be divided into: Chinese-type deep cavity machine, European flat-panel, near-suction machine, side suction machine, according to the cleaning method can be divided into: no-removal and washing, automatic cleaning type.

Introduction To Kitchen Furniture Set Three-piece Set To You

2, gas stove

Gas stove can be divided into: glass stove, stainless steel stove, enamel stove, ceramic stove, according to the combustion method can be divided into: straight fire combustion and rotating fire combustion, according to the wind can be divided into: downwind, inlet wind and full-in wind.

3, disinfection cabinet

Disinfecting cabinetaccordingical according to the installation method, can be divided into: table (vertical), wall-mounted, embedded.
Home disinfection cabinet disinfection methods are: physical disinfection, chemical disinfection and ozone disinfection three.

II. Which brand is good in the kitchen three-piece set

1, Sentai

Sentai kitchen three-piece set is very affordable, including a hood, gas stove and side smoking stove, a one-time for the owner to solve the purchase trouble.It is exquisite and delicate, at all costs, in the details of the treatment of more careful, and the use of a variety of high-quality materials and emerging technologies, to protect the majority of consumers of kitchen safety and hygiene.

2, Siemens

The Siemens kitchen three-piece set is a combination of kitchen utensils, ready for a single purchase, to create a refined and stylish open kitchen.It will be several products strong combination, to create a smart simple kitchen, can open up the vast number of consumers high-quality kitchen life.

3, Huadi

The three-piece set of Huadi Kitchen is designed in a minimalist style, which uses r-filled design to interpret the kitchen aesthetics and prevent bumps, while the stainless steel body is durable and reflects the atmosphere.This brand in the industry is highly well-known, the quality of its products are guaranteed.

III. How much is the kitchen three-piece set? The price of the best kitchen furniture is not fixed, just like the price of a three-piece set of kitchens, depending on the owner’s choice of product style and grade. Chinese-style kitchen three-piece set: high grade about 10000 yuan, medium grade about 5000 yuan, ordinary grade about 3000 yuan. European-style kitchen three-piece set: high grade about 15,000 yuan, medium grade about 10,000 yuan, ordinary grade about 6000 yuan. Of course, the price of the kitchen three-piece set depends on the owner’s choice of brand.
Typically, the price of a three-piece set of ordinary brand kitchens is around 6000 yuan. The above is to introduce you how to buy the best kitchen furniture, kitchen furniture set of three-piece set brand and price introduction.

How Do I Maintain Stainless Steel Kitchenware As A Kitchen Furniture Kit?

Stainless steel kitchenware is an essential part of kitchen furniture set, people often choose the best kitchen furniture when buying kitchen furniture, because this kitchen furniture is very durable, high security. Stainless steel kitchenware is the production of materials for stainless steel materials kitchen supplies. Stainless steel material, smooth surface and relatively bright, daily cleaning is more convenient, rarely rust.
So many users like to use stainless steel kitchenware in the kitchen.

How Do I Maintain Stainless Steel Kitchenware As A Kitchen Furniture Kit?

First. Which is good for stainless steel kitchenware brand

Which is the best stainless steel kitchen brand? Stainless steel kitchen brand is very many, of which the better kitchen ware brand is also many. So many users don’t know how to choose stainless steel kitchen brands.Below small to introduce some of the more good stainless steel kitchenware brand.

1, self-effort

Qingdao Alkali Industry Co., Ltd., a well-known trademark in Shandong Province, a well-known trademark in Qingdao City, to produce and operate pure alkali, fertilizer and related fine chemical products mainly large-scale integrated chemical enterprises, Qingdao chemical industry’s first listed company, the national AAA-class credit enterprises, Shandong Province-level technology center.

2, Hales

Zhejiang Hals vacuum ware Co. , Ltd. , founded in 1996, Zhejiang Province famous trademark, stainless steel vacuum cup industry standard drafting unit, the larger domestic manufacturers of stainless steel vacuum vessels, focusing on daily stainless steel vacuum insulation vessel research and development, design, production and sales


The ggj brand is affiliated with Shenzhen Format Metal Products Co., Ltd.

Company’s strong enterprise strength, re-credit, keep contracts, ensure product quality, with multi-species operating characteristics and the principle of small profits and sales, has won the trust of our customers, the company has always adhered to the “honesty and truth-seeking, committed to service, only satisfaction” business purposes, to follow customer demand, and constantly carry out product innovation and service improvement.

4, Lingfeng

Lingfeng, Guangdong is a major stainless steel kitchen products of modern enterprises.The company has built a stainless steel products research and development center, and Nanjing University of Technology and other well-known institutions for production research, access to nearly 70 product patents, the company strictly grasp product quality, its products through CE, UL, 3C and other authoritative certification, products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

How Do I Maintain Stainless Steel Kitchenware As A Kitchen Furniture Kit?

Second, stainless steel kitchen furniture set should be how to maintain Stainless steel kitchenware if not pay attention to conservation, there will also be rust. Many users don’t understand how stainless steel kitchenware are maintained.

The following small editor to introduce the maintenance method of stainless steel kitchenware.

1, keep the kitchenware clean, often scrub, keep the kitchen ware dry. Remember to keep the kitchenware clean and clean, often scrubbing, especially after storing vinegar, soy sauce and other condiments to wash in a timely manner, to keep the kitchenware dry.In this way, the kitchen will not be corrosion defects, more to maintain a beautiful image.

2, can not use strong alkaline or strong oxidation of baking soda, bleaching powder, etc. for cleaning. Do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidation of baking soda, bleach, etc. for cleaning. Because these substances react electrically with stainless steel, causing the cutlery to rust.Small editor’s experience tells everyone that the rusting of tableware not only affects its beauty, but also reduces its service life.

3, before use, coat a layer of vegetable oil. Before use, you can apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to the surface of the kitchen ware and then dry it on a fire, which is equivalent to applying a protective film to the surface of the kitchenware.In this way, it is easy to clean and extend sits.

4, stainless steel kitchen furniture set cleaning, the appearance of water to wipe clean. Because when heated, sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide produced by combustion produce sulphate and sulfuric acid when caught in water, which affects the service life of the vessel. This is not the perfect housewife can do ah, don’t be lazy oh.

The above is the small editor to introduce the kitchen furniture set should be brand and maintenance, hope to help you, want to know more kitchen furniture, can pay attention to me.

Kitchen Furniture – How To Buy A Natural Gas Stove?

Kitchen furniture demand is growing, people are very focused on the quality of kitchen furniture, so we will choose the best kitchen furniture, such furniture can be durable and safe. Natural gas stove shopping at home is now basically the use of gas, it is inseparable from the use of natural gas stove, good stove, in use of better results, even fire, long life.
For the price of natural gas stove has always been people’s concern, want a good stove also have to learn to choose the best kitchen furniture.

Kitchen Furniture - How To Buy A Natural Gas Stove?

I. Gas stove price list

There are many natural gas stove brands on the market, different brands are selling different prices, even if the same brand, model is not good, the price is also affected.Let’s look at the gas stove price list:

1, Supor QB503 gas stove, reference quote: 499 yuan or so Gas stove is equipped with hot spot even fire protection, to ensure that the gas will not leak, the fire is strong enough, and the frying is more powerful, small fire is stable enough, soup is more fragrant. With three-stop firepower, easy-to-control, thermal efficiency of 63%, up to 1 level of energy efficiency.Black crystal explosion-proof panels, combined with tempered glass, make cleaning easier and safer to use.

2, Fangtai HT8BE gas stove, reference quote: 1499 yuan or so No continuous pressing is required to ignite quickly. Adjustment is more convenient, multi-stage firepower, free choice, from micro-candle fire to blazing flame, precise control of all kinds of firepower, cooking is also all-inclusive.The use of high-silicon aluminum alloy integrated furnace design, stylish tempered glass panels, make cleaning easier.

3, boss 30B3 gas stove, reference quote: 1299 yuan or so The new concentrated fire system solves the problem of insufficient fire power and easy dispersion of fire in the old fire. The thermal effect of the central ring, the central ring added dense fire holes, concentrated inclination design, to fill the thermal vacuum area.
Formed a strong four-ring fire, with the outer ring and the center flame integrated, all-inclusive wrapped pot bottom.

Kitchen Furniture - How To Buy A Natural Gas Stove?

II. How to choose natural gas stove
1, look at the gas source At present, gas is roughly divided into three major categories: liquefied petroleum gas (Y), artificial gas (R) and natural gas (T), and if the type of stove does not match the gas, it is easy to be dangerous.It is recommended that before selecting the stove, it is certain that the type of gas must be clearly identified.

2, look at the ignition mode Now the gas stove uses electronic pulse ignition and piezoelectric ceramic ignition two kinds.Electric gas stove pulse ignition we see more, is the general gas stove on the ignition, twist to a certain location on the ignition, simple and convenient, but this way needs to replace the battery.Piezoceramic ignition is a new technology, its advantage is that it does not need to replace the battery.

3, look at the firepower
In flame regulation, some of the gas stoves provide five-stage fire regulation, from small fire to medium fire to fire, we can clearly feel the increase in fire, in cooking, can also be adjusted according to the needs of cooking fire, very convenient to use.

Gas stove installation

1, first install the gas pipe, pay attention to the installation of gas pipe before, we need to put the stove into the stove open in advance well.

2, the intake air port of the stove clean, and then the hose joint into the stove joint and beyond the red line position, but also with the tube clip or pipe hoop clamping the hose.

3, check whether there is a battery in the battery box, inside need to install the no. 1 battery. Basically to this point even if the installation is complete, the next step is to start turning on the knob to test for fire. You can also see if the color of the flame is light blue, if the color of the flame is yellow, or red, also need to be debugged on the gas stove.Natural gas stove is essential for kitchen furniture, his presence in the kitchen is meaningful, in the purchase of it, there is a great demand for safety, so it is important to choose the best kitchen furniture set.

4, debug the gas stove, so that its flame presents a normal color.
Installation precautions: Installation of pipelinemust must find professional technical workers, do not mind the cost in this regard, this step is critical, can not be saved.Don’t save money now, causing future pipeline cracks or leaks, such a price is tens of times, hundreds, or even thousands of times the price of the pipeline itself. Be sure to perform a boost test after the pipe is installed.
When the boost test is carried out, it is usually carried out under 1.5 times water pressure, if the test does not leak even if it is qualified.

The above is to introduce to you the best kitchen furniture related knowledge, want to know more kitchen furniture set, can continue to pay attention to me , I hope to bring you the content you can like.

Tips For Buying Taps In Kitchen Furniture

How much money is the kitchen tap, the kitchen tap is used very frequently, it is used as kitchen furniture, the use frequency is very large, the use should be the best kitchen furniture should be purchased. Therefore, when we choose, the quality of the kitchen faucet is very important, good quality kitchen faucet can bring us more quality kitchen enjoyment.
The best kitchen furniture is reliable in quality, so it’s a choice for many families.

First. Kitchen tap price How much money is the kitchen tap, the price of the tap can be said to have cheap, there are expensive, there are different brands, different functions of different prices are not the same. In general, the material is better tap price is about 150-250 yuan, double temperature price in 150 yuan or so, if it is a single temperature of the relative will be cheaper.

Tips For Buying Taps In Kitchen Furniture

Tap out of the water soft is mainly the reason for the filter, the general kitchen tap water is soft water flowers are not easy to splash.
In order to use comfort, consumers are advised to buy double-temperature taps, because, double-temperature taps in winter is better to use.

Second, kitchen taps generally buy more money

Now some shopping malls production faucets will use high-quality 304 stainless steel manufacturing tap, high-quality stainless steel manufacturing tap and pure copper tap compared to, with no lead, acid resistance, alkali resistance, non-corrosion, do not release harmful substances, will not pollute the characteristics of the water source.

What about kitchen taps that usually buy more money? Because stainless steel processing is more difficult, so the current high-quality stainless steel taps are usually relatively high prices, each to more than 300 yuan.Imported products in general price between 500 yuan – 3000 yuan, joint venture in 1000 yuan or so, domestic relatively cheap, basically in 200 yuan – 500 yuan or so.

Tips For Buying Taps In Kitchen Furniture

Thrid. Kitchen tap shopping tips: Kitchen faucet as a kitchen facilities, in order to facilitate the use of, it is recommended that we choose the kitchen tap, kitchen tap to choose higher, the water nozzle is also very long, it is best to stretch to the drain above, and can not splash water. If there is a hot water pipeline in the kitchen, the tap should also be double-linked.

In order to meet the needs of various uses, now most of the kitchen taps can achieve the left and right rotation of the main body of the tap, and the water nozzle part, pull-out tap can pull out the water nozzle, convenient cleaning to all corners of the sink, the disadvantage is that when the water nozzle must be empty a hand to hold the water nozzle.

The above is to introduce the best kitchen furniture in the kitchen faucet should be how to buy and price, want to know more kitchen furniture, can continue to pay attention to us.